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Player/Admin Upload Help

**Please note, the links in this document go to Affinity Support Page**

Before Preparing your Upload…

  1. Have you completed the Franchising Application within the Affinity Sports system?  If you have not done so, please complete with this process before submitting your Admins. Failure to complete your Franchise Application before submitting your admins will result in error. 

  2. Do you have a username and password for your Affinity Sports account? To create a username and password follow either step below:
    • Setup your login credentials.  Be sure to provide the email address entered when franchising your league as this is the address where the email message will be sent.
    • Contact Technical Support at 833-683-1072. A representative can locate your account and create and/or verify your login credentials.

Getting Started

  1. Download and save the appropriate Excel Template. Please click here to download the Admin Excel Template. This file can also be found at the bottom of this article. 
  2. Review the instructions for completing the Excel Template included with this Help Center article.

Helpful Hints

NOTE: Be sure to confirm you are using the correct template.

  • Remember, no mixing or intermingling of Admin and Players data. Only include Admin data on the Admin Template. 
  • Remember, no mixing or intermingling of League, Club or Season Data. Individual templates must be completed for each league and season.
  • Please do not make any changes to the excel template and follow the instructions. Any modifications or failure to follow formatting instructions can result in an error and the need to redo the Excel Template and begin the upload process again.
  • When saving and uploading your Excel Template to the Upload Module, you must be using Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher and save the file as an .XLSX file or .CSV file.
  • Do not include apostrophe’s, special characters, trailing spaces, or spaces in blank fields.
  • Do not include spaces in blank fields


Completing the Admin Excel Template

Open the Admin Data Excel Template and complete the necessary information:

  1. Enter a Team Role Code for each Admin. This field is required.
    • If you are a Manager put HC and if you are a Coach put AC. Please note when the roster is printed from the system you will reflect as either a Manager or Coach.

  2. Enter the Admin’s Last Name. This field is required.

  3. Enter the Admin’s First Name. This field is required.

  4. Enter the Admin’s Middle Initial. This field is optional.

  5. Enter the Admin’s Suffix. This field is optional.

  6. Enter the Admin’s Alias. This field is optional.

  7. Enter the Admin’s Gender. Please enter M for male and F for female. This field is required.

  8. Enter the Admin’s Birthdate (m/dd/yyyy). Birthdate must be a valid date and be formatted correctly (m/dd/yyyy). This field is required. If month is a single digit (i.e. May = 5). Enter as 5 not 05.

  9. Enter a Play Level Code for each Admin. Play level codes are listed below. This field is required.
    • Angels: AN
    • Angels X-Play: AX
    • Belles: B
    • Darlings: DA
    • Debs: DE
    • Ponytails: P
    • Ponytails X-Play: PX
    • SweeTees: ST
    • SweeTees X-Play: X 

  10. Enter the Admin’s home address, city, state and zip code, phone number and email address. These fields are required. 

NOTE: Address must be a unique address and actual admin address. Do not enter the same address for each admin or a fictitious address. When entering Zip Code enter as five digits (92101) or the full 10 digits (92101-5005). Incomplete zip codes will result in an error. 

  1. Enter the Admin’s Driver License Number. This field is optional. 

  2. Enter the Admin’s Driver License State. This field is optional.

  3. Enter the Admin’s Driver License Expiration Date. This field is optional.

  4. Enter the Admin’s Coaching Certification Level. This field is optional.

  5. Enter the Admin’s Coaching License Number. This field is optional.

  6. Enter the Admin’s Coaching License Expiration Date. This field is optional.

  7. Enter the date in which the Admin obtained their Coaching License. This field is optional.

  8. Enter the Admin’s Risk Status. This field is optional.

  9. Enter the Admin’s Risk Status Expiration Date. This field is optional.

  10. Enter the Admin’s Team ID. Teams are created during the Franchising process. Click here for a guide on locating your Team IDs. This field is required.

  11. Choose Save.

  12. Check your work and confirm all information are entered correctly. Confirm your file is saved in Microsoft Excel 2007 or later as an .XLSX file or .CSV file. 

  13. Once complete, send to Affinity Sports by clicking Submit a Request located in the upper right hand corner of any Help Center page and attach your file in a support ticket. When submitting your upload file the following information will need to be included within the description of the ticket. The absence of this information will result in delays when processing your file. Please include:


NOTE: Please be aware that standard uploads will be processed within 48-72 hours. Special request uploads will be processed weekly on Thursdays and need to be received by 12:00 PM PT Wednesday to be processed the same week. We will notify you if your upload qualifies as a special request.

**Please note, the links in this document go to Affinity Support Page**


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